Taking LIVIN on the long haul

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One of the most powerful gestures of support we can get is when we see companies and individuals becoming a part of the important initiative to spread awareness on mental health.  Wearing a LIVIN t-shirt or simply reaching out to friends when they are struggling are all a part of getting more and more people talking about mental health.

When we were approached by Queensland transport company, Seage Transport, for permission to place the LIVIN logo on a couple of their trucks, we were humbled by the gesture and obviously said yes.  However, when we were presented with the finished product, we were absolutely blown away by how (physically) big their commit to spreading the message was.

"We read an article about LIVIN and the difference you are making, so we did some research about what it is you do and who your target market was and felt as though we could help to get this message out there." Said Seage Transport director, Craig Seage.  "We thought that by putting sign writing on our trucks, we could reach a broader audience on a daily basis and if this was to help even one person to feel confident to reach out, then I felt we had succeeded."

Starting off with one truck back in 2012, Seage Transport now has seven semi-trailers, ten employees and three depots across Brisbane, Western Sydney and the Gold Coast.  During this time of growth, it became obvious how necessary it was in their industry to keep the conversation on mental health and well being at the forefront. 

"Those that work in transportation are generally doing extremely long and stressful hours, working with high risk equipment and situations and is a predominately male oriented industry. I believe we need to make sure that we are taking care of ourselves to be the healthiest we can be (mentally as well as physically) for ourselves and our families." Through the idea of having the LIVIN message on several of the companies semi-trailers, the message will possibly reach more people than we will ever know.

Often we find it is those messages that we don't expect to see - such as on a back of a massive semi-trailer while stuck in traffic - that can often be the messages that resonate with people the most and we thank the awesome team at Seage Transport for being a part of spreading the message and awareness.

"I think that a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body and there is a real need to de-stigmatise depression, anxiety or any mental health issue we may face in our lifetime. " Said Craig.  "We are proud to be a part of an organisation that is making a difference and getting the message out that it really ain't weak to speak!"