KDV Sport Scores an Ace for Mental Health Awareness

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In it's third year of bringing the Gold Coast Tennis Community for the KDV Charity Cup, KDV Sport at Carrara used their annual event to proudly support a cause that means a lot to their club members and we were honoured when they nominated LIVIN as their mental health charity of choice. 

"It is a cause close to my heart as knowing Dwayne and his family since 2004 when I met them in Bali and also having a very close family friend take his life a couple of years after. So I want to help raise the awareness of the great job the LIVIN team do." Said Ryan Kebblewhite, Performance Events Leader of KDV Sport. 

The day itself is more than bringing awareness to mental health and the work that LIVIN does, it prides itself on bringing people together in a positive environment to bond over a sport they all love and also promote the benefits of sports for both physical and mental health. 

This year there were a record 14 teams competing in the KDV Charity Cup which comprised of every single team from last year's event returning with the addition of three new teams. 

"The event is growing every year and this year was by far our biggest yet in regards to teams competing, the amount and size of the raffle prizes donated, number of supporters and spectators and of course the final donation amount we made to LIVIN from the proceeds from the day."  Said Ryan. 

There are so many benefits of using events to bring people together to keep the conversation of mental health going and another reinforcement that the topic of mental health doesn't necessarily always have to be discussed in a formal setting and just as many problems can be solved out on the court!

Thanks to everyone who participated and supported this great event!

If you are interested in creating your own fundraising event for LIVIN, check out our Fundraise Now Page for more information and keep spreading the message that It Ain't Weak to Speak!