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I had a message from someone who wanted to know what advice I would give to my younger self if given the chance. 

This is something I have thought about for most of today because as I have always said I would never change a thing about my life. And I stick by that. However, giving a little bit of advice to my younger self would only make me stronger. But would I tell him everything he's in for all at once in fear that the pain would just be too much to handle?

Sometimes having to dig into that part of my life now seems too unbearable for myself at times. I think if given the opportunity I would just guide him through a few key points that would help prepare my younger self for what life will come to challenge him with.

• First things first - This might cross your mind more often than not but just know there is nothing wrong with you.

• You are going to be pushed well out of your comfort zone early and you will have to grow up and adapt a little bit quicker than most kids your age but hey, it's okay because in those moments, you are going to learn strength and that's something you are going to need and use for many years to come.

• Don't be trapped by what's happening around you. Remember, you will eventually be in charge of which road you can run down. For some time you will be barefoot and broken running in the dark with no lights on but you will find your way.

• Know that with all the negatives that currently surround you, there are a bunch of positives waiting to clear the path. But it's going to be those negatives that produce the man you will one day become. So show some respect.

• Know that sometimes bad things happen to good people - It's character building.

• Know that your braver than you think you are. You may not be strong physically just yet but mentally you could wrestle a bear and win. 

And as I look at you now mate, I'm confident you're going to be able to handle anything that comes your way. 

You turn out alright kid.


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