What is Men's Health Week?

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 It may or may not surprise you to know that on average, across all aspects of 'health', men's health in Australia is generally poorer than women's.  Whilst there are many determining factors for this, depending on the aspect of health we are discussing, overall it shows that there is a need to have Men's Health highlighted and addressed as an important issue. 

Men's Health Week is acknowledged internationally and was instigated in 2002 at the 2nd World Congress of Men's Health in Vienna, where representatives from six men's health organisations from around the world worked to create a declaration to build into an annual awareness campaign to highlight all issues of men's health and to hopefully encourage men to seek professional help and check ups irrespective of their issue. 

The Vienna Declaration for Men's Health Week set out to establish:

  • Recognizing men's health is a critical issue and that there are health issues which only affect men
  • Promoting awareness of men's approach to health
  • Changing the way health care is provided to be more sensitive towards men's needs
  • Creating school and community programs which target boys and young men
  • Connecting health and social policies to better pursue men's health goals

If you or a loved one have been putting off a follow up appointment, skin check, speaking to someone about your mental health or anything to do with just a general health check, make this the week of action and look after yourself and help to improve not only the statistics for men's health but improve your life and those around you. 

Throughout Men's Health Week we will be sharing stories from our male supporters and ambassadors about their mental health journey to help to keep encouraging the conversation that this week is aiming to create. 

For more information on Men's Health Week, check out their website

If you are struggling with your mental health, visit our Get Help Page for organisations that can you help you out.