LIVINWell at Cabra Dominican College

Posted by Chris Hogan on

Our South Australian LIVIN Facilitator Josh Lee presented two LIVINWell programs to the students at Cabra Domincan College and was overwhelmed with the positive response from both the staff and the students. "It's so epic to roll into a school and be greeted by young people who already see the need for change!" said Josh after completing his second LIVINWell program to the senior students.  The LIVINWell program was designed to deliver educational and conversational talking points through a relatable platform.  With our LIVINWell program running for 45 minutes, it's the perfect amount of time to hold the interest of students and encourage them to engage in conversation on mental health. With an increasing number of schools reaching out for the LIVINWell program, the demand has never been greater with schools and learning institutions wanting to help their students  and be proactive in the implementation of arming them with information in addition to tips and tools to deal with issues if they, or their friend, is struggling. It was a fantastic and we look forward to visiting the school again next year. #ItAintWeakToSpeak If you would like more information about having a LIVINWell program presented to your school, contact our head office today.