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Holly Robinson

Hailing from the Central Coast in NSW, it is safe to say Holly Robinson is LIVIN’s first part time Facilitator, full time Voice Actor! When she is not assisting people with her self-described heightened levels of empathy, Holly is a daytime circus coach.

Holly was drawn to LIVIN by one of our speaking events in 2016, and since then has dived headfirst in helping us spread the word. Being able to see the real time impact of her work, has motivated her to continue the great work being done at LIVIN.

Although one of our most diverse Facilitators, by way of her professional job, Holly is not a fan of bananas. We won’t hold that against you, Holly!


There are a number of things I do to keep myself mentally healthy. Along with daily movement and breaking a good sweat (no, sparkle!) at least 4 times a week, I've found that getting up early and taking control of my morning really helps me. I'm a 'list' person, so after waking up, washing my face, making my bed and perhaps getting in a workout, I love to write down my tasks for the day and the things I'm grateful for.

Then, even if I have an off day, I can still walk into my bedroom at night and be satisfied that I accomplished at least one thing- because that bed looks bloody beautiful!