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Having worked with Sam and Casey back in 2015 to develop #MTC at Marsden SHS, Megan is integral to LIVIN, a family she’s grateful to be a part of. “Seeing how that conversation has changed and saved so many lives, is very humbling.” As HOD of Student Services in a primary school (in charge of whole school behaviour, wellbeing and culture), it’s hardly an overstatement to say it’s all of us who are humbled to have Megan with us.

No doubt her self-professed ability to read people really well has been invaluable in her professional role (it may even have been a factor in her childhood aspirations to become either a teacher or police officer). It’s also a sure sign of her kindness and empathy which, if they aren’t on show enough in her everyday work, are certainly highlighted in her greatest achievement as a foster carer.

Megan may not swim competitively as she used to in school (for over ten years!), but we suspect when she said she’d love to teach in Fiji someday, she really meant teaching the beaches the meaning of the word ‘leisure’.


Getting good sleep, limiting alcohol intake and simply getting out for a walk are key for me  If I can get to the beach for a walk or read a book, that also helps to fill my bucket. Keeping an eye on my stress levels, by planning out my week and keeping a jobs list up to date to keep me accountable is also helpful to reduce any overwhelming brain fog.

Practicing daily gratitude and checking in on my mates for a chat or a coffee has also been a go to strategy of mine to keep my mental health in check. Writing, particularly at night time, helps me to unwind and empty any clutter in my mind before I go to sleep.