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From Sydney, Steph taught herself how to ride a bike as a teenager, dodged a tattoo apprenticeship at 16, later got her undergrad degree in Psychology, and travelled the world to 36 countries, got bitten by a tiger (nice one, South Africa), all before the age of 25! It’s no wonder she decided to slow things down and settled into the Central Coast a few years back.

Well, the pace may have slowed, but as a yoga teacher with classes geared toward managing trauma and mental health, as well as working with Batyr and as a facilitator with LIVIN, her efforts to empower Australian communities to break down mental health stigma have never been more impactful.

Steph has a pretty uncanny ability too: “I can talk to anyone, anywhere, about anything (even if I have to fumble my way through something I don’t know),” she says, something which throws some light on why LIVIN is so important to her (as well as others perhaps). “There’s a strong sense of connection that comes out of the shared desire for changing the way people see wellbeing.”


Celebrate the small wins and take it one day at a time. Focusing on the things I have done like getting out of bed, moving my body and eating well, helps me find that sense of achievement throughout my day which helps me put one foot in front of the other, one day at a time.