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When Tatum was in school, she wanted to be an actress. While the stage is an important part of her work, these days she prefers to be 15 feet to one side or the other, giving directions as an event producer, when she isn’t bringing her positivity to LIVIN as a facilitator.

“Being able to align with like-minded people who share the same strong passion I have for mental health and helping others”, is the highlight to being a part of the LIVIN family, she says, a humble statement that belies a mindset towards actioning kindness and compassion every day.

As for many of us, a critical (and ongoing) part of Tatum’s own journey has been learning to accept vulnerability as a positive attribute in life and accepting help in facing challenges as a strength rather than a weakness. “This is and continues to be one of my greatest achievements, because without this I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

She might prefer to operate from behind the stage, but Tatum has had her share of time in front of the audience – as a kids’ party entertainer, alias Fairy Butterfly! And don’t mention Pirates of The Caribbean, she can quote Jack Sparrow start to end and back again. No joke.


I like to stay on top of my mental health by engaging myself regularly with my “FIVE M’s” rule. These combined with a consistent routine keeps me on top of my mental fitness!

Mindfulness - Practising Mindfulness (and gratitude) is something I have learnt over the last few years and continue to learn daily. It helps bring me a sense of calm and alleviate any anxiety by connecting to my breath and the present moment. I like to use various techniques and have fun with it at the same time!

Movement - Endorphins! Staying physically fit and active and listening to my body in doing so. Some days just a brisk walk or gentle yoga practise and other days it’s a run or something more vigorous.

Me Time - In the words of the LIVIN team ‘self care is the number 1 care’. Finding time regularly to put aside just to focus on doing something for me. Life get’s in the way sometimes and it’s easy to forget to look after ourselves. Sometimes it’s even as simple as just checking in on sleep routines, diet and any not so healthy habits that may have accumulated!

Mates - My tribe attracts my vibe! Social connection and spending time with those I love – my friends and family helps me to feel safe, secure and adds a good sense of value and purpose in my life.

Mother Nature - Getting out into the elements as much as I can is one of the simplest but most effective strategies I use to keep me grounded and centred. Vitamin D, a dip in the ocean or walk in a park does the trick every time.