Episode 21: Danny Green Speaks On Life In The Boxing Ring & Why He Started The Cowards Punch Movement

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It takes a special type of person to be an elite athlete.  Demanding an incredible level of discipline, focus, determination and grit, their entire lives are focused on one thing and one thing only...winning.  So what happens when an athlete retires? Where do they channel the energy and intensity they have worked so hard to maintain?

Our guest today is one of the most famous professional boxers in Australian history.  Holding multiple world titles, a long list of wins and a professional boxing career spanning over eleven and a half years, Danny Green is no stranger to the pain of pushing his mind and body to the limit.  Before retiring in 2008, Danny was given the great advice to get things set up for life after boxing to make a seamless transition into a new life outside the ring.  It was then he established numerous businesses including 12 Rounds, a successful gym franchise combining boxing and functional training.

In this episode, Danny reflects on his glory days in the ring and talks about what he misses about the professional boxing life. Being a self proclaimed space cadette, he takes a laugh at himself and marvels how he was able to focus in the ring. Reminiscing the training camps, adrenaline highs and widespread media coverage, Danny shares in his lighthearted way how he managed his mind and body during such high pressure situations.  He also shares how his carefree approach to life made any criticism roll off like water on a duck’s back.

Diving into 12 Rounds and the inspiration behind starting the franchise, Danny brings home the point that it’s all about community.  Not everyone wants to be an elite athlete, but each and every person needs a sense of belonging and something to be a part of.  Danny talks enthusiastically about the great culture and inclusive community that has been established at 12 Rounds and how it’s more important to him than anything else.

Being a huge advocate for LIVIN and knowing the importance of taking care of his own mental health, Danny talks about Coward’s Punch Campaign and the incredible response the campaign has received since it began in 2014.  Sit back and enjoy this episode. Danny is an all round great guy with a heart of gold and a left hook to watch out for.


[4:30]: How Danny set himself up to make a seamless transition into life after boxing

[6:00]: How Danny kept focused in the ring by tuning in to his coach’s voice but is usually a really distracted person in normal life

[8:25]: Danny’s journey with different boxing managers and promoters and how he eventually managed the promotion himself 

[10:35]: The biggest pay per view fights including Danny’s fight with Anthony Munden and how they were agreed on with a simple handshake

[12:06]: The stress Danny took on by being a control freak and doing everything himself and the importance of having a great team

[13:15]: How Danny misses the fighting world - the people and the training camps and the adrenaline of fight day.

[15:00]: How athletes must reach peak fitness for fight day and can only hold it for a few days

[17:43]: Managing the come down off an adrenaline rush and how Danny misses the change room after a winning fight

[20:18]: How Danny continued training to maintain fitness to ensure he didn’t crash too hard

[21:21]: How Danny managed the media and how he didn’t take much notice of the critics because he knew within himself he could do it

[24:49]: Danny talks about Anthony Munden and how he doesn’t know him beyond having done a few press conferences together

[26:22]: All Danny cares about is that he’s a better fighter.  The rivalry isn’t personal, it’s pure competition.

[28:13]: Danny talks about his successful franchise 12 Round Fitness which combines boxing with functional training

[29:43]: How Danny realised that gyms are a place for people who want to be a part of something and how he has established that culture and community in 12 Rounds

[31:14]: Danny talks about how some people come to the gym not to workout but to just feel part of the community, which is more important to him than anything else

[33:14]: Danny talks about the Coward’s Punch Campaign, his inspiration behind it and how it has gained so much positive traction with media and federal government

[35:41]: How it’s so important to keep sending the message out to raise awareness for issues that affect people’s lives


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